Free Consultation
At Thames Chiropractic, we offer a complimentary consultation for our new patients. If you are tired of living in pain and discomfort or simply looking to increase your quality of life, we highly encourage you to take advantage of our new patient special!

Our three experienced chiropractors use a holistic approach to your chiropractic care. We find the source of your pain rather than just treating your symptoms. Our treatment revolves around gentle and effective chiropractic care for the whole family. We provide quality care and create custom-tailored treatments for our patients to help them achieve a healthy, well-rounded life here in Norwich.

We believe in our doctors and the power of chiropractic care so strongly, your first visit with us is on the house. You will receive a complimentary consultation and a one-on-one visit with one of our doctors, who will address all of your questions and take down all of your concerns in order to provide you with the best treatment plan possible.

Best of all, there is absolutely no pressure and no obligation. We strongly believe that patients should be thoroughly educated and talked with before making a financial commitment to further treatment.

Please call us at (860) 887-4325 to book your complimentary consultation today. What are you waiting for?

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